"Committed to establishing the benchmark for future student leadership."

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Student Government ELECTIONS!

Apply TODAY! Forms on Engage: https://ut.campuslabs.com/engage/submitter/form/start/240960


Career closet

The Career Closet is where you can rent business clothes for interviews and special occasions for FREE.  We take donations of professional gear i.e. ties, dress pants, suits, etc.

You can also search for the form on Engage by:

1. Click forms on the top tool bar

2. Type "Career Closet Rental” into the left hand search bar 

3. Fill out the form!

To rent an item from the career closet just use this link and fill out the engage form: https://ut.campuslabs.com/engage/submitter/form/start/233601

Location: PH 231A

Hours: TR 10-12pm




General Assembly

Attend our General Assembly meetings! From there you'll better know how to pursue your goals. 

Where: 2nd floor of the Vaughn Center at 7pm.

You will meet with all organizations with the Speaker of Assembly, Blaise. All organizations are assigned specific committees.


(Committee meeting locations vary - Updated when scheduled)

11/13 Finance Committee 

11/20 Finance Committee (TBA)

11/27 Large General Assembly in Reeves

12/4 Finance Committee

Friday Lunches

Join Stephanie, James and Naomi in the cafeteria at noon every Friday. Bring your questions!